Alexis, born in Paris in 1969, is a pianist currently residing in France where he has enjoyed a fair amount of notoriety over the past decade. He studied classical piano, until his teen years, with Huguette Agédérian (concert pianist / first prize of the Académie Marguerite Long). In 1990, he won a scholarship to study jazz at the famous « Berklee College of Music » in Boston. Back in France, he developed his jazz playing with the well known jazz master Bernard Maury, friend of Bill Evans and Michel Petrucciani.

Alexis Tcholakian has played in many venues in France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, Algéria, and often plays in Parisians jazz clubs (Petit Opportun, Sunset, Sunside, Petit Journal Montparnasse, Jazz Act, Caveau des Légendes, 7 Lézards, Opus Café, Franc-Pinot, Archipel …)

Alexis Tcholakian Trio

Jazz Magazine 31 Aug 2018

Inner Voice Vol.1 – 1 CD STUDIO DU SOUS-SOL

Newly out, here the Marseille pianist delivers his first trio album since « Poetic Memory » (2011). Surrounded by Lilian Bencini and Cédrick Bec, he reaffirms his talent as a composer with a completely original repertoire: Mirage immediately illustrates a sense of narrative that is rich in contrasts and colours. As a soloist, he continues an Evansian tradition right up to the choice of metrics (Valentine) and shows from beginning to end a concern for cohesion and sharing with two attentive and inspired partners.

Vincent Cotro


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