Quantum Snail Blues

Quantum Snail Blues is a composition from an album I have recorded at Studio B in Gardanne France on June 5th and 6th 2022 with Lionel Dandine on Hammond Organ and Cedrick Bec on the drums. I always wanted to record some traditional jazz with that Organ feel and decided to do it while I was traveling in Provence visiting some old time friends. Quantum Snail Blues is a very fast blues, and the video is telling the story of a snail waking up listening to me playing in the middle of the nature, and trying to get closer, meeting a magic mushroom on its way, and having a trip thinking he is as fast as the band playing… Obviously I wanted to add a sense of humor to this very fast playing, while watching the incredible graphics of the video maker Waldo Lara. You can listen to the entire album on my bandcamp page https://alexjacquemin.bandcamp.com/music This album was recorded and mixed by Lionel Dandine at Studio B in Gardanne France and mastered by Nate Wood in NYC. It has 6 compositions with that same trio form, and 2 compositions in quintet with Alexis Tcholakian on acoustic piano, Lilian Bencini on double bass, Gilles Grivola on tenor and soprano saxophones and Cedrick Bec on drums. Hope you will appreciate this humble peace of art! Be curious, be light!


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